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Surface Form and Space

In the 8 weeks of the course you will learn many skills and techniques. The first 6 weeks are based on making samples with these techniques and the last 2 weeks are spent on an individual project named the “Samplodicus” This final project will be a combination of the techniques learned previously in the course and include, undulations, large foreign objects, buttons, warts, pimples, claws, lumps, bumps, brains and connections.

We will be looking at the dimensional quality of felt with a focus on dramatic surface treatment. Colour choices can change the result of these techniques tremendously and this can also be explored. It is a playful look at some of the cornerstone techniques needed in sculptural felt making.

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Felting Pam deGroot

Textures and Dimensions

In the 6 weeks of the course you will learn the many techniques used to create some now quite well known forms in sculptural felting, the "Splash," "the Spiral" and "the Twistie" Each project has a 2 week time allowance to complete it. I have broken each activity into 2 parts so as to make it easier. You can always leave your felt at any time to return to later. It will come to no harm if it dries out.
We will be looking at the dimensional quality of felt in the "Splash," how to make a 3d object without using a resist. We will use our understanding of wool properties and then exploit them. With the "Spiral" we will focus on continuing forms and connections. Using some simple mathematics to help us, we will shape one of mankind favourite forms. Finally, in the "Twistie," we find out what happens when we introduce foreign objects to our felt work. This is one of the most surprising of activities and quite exciting.

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The next online course starts October 2017.

Felting Pam deGroot

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